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The Best Catch at Odell Lake

Published: February 17, 2022

The Best Catch at Odell Lake

Shelter Cove Resort & Marina is located on beautiful Odell Lake, with 3,582 acres in surface area and depths up to 300 ft. The native fishery, which consisted of rainbow trout, bull trout and mountain whitefish, has been altered to include kokanee, lake trout, brook trout and tui chub. Open seasonally from late April to October 31st, Odell Lake is renowned as one of Oregon’s great mackinaw fisheries. In fact, the state record for the largest lake trout (over 40 pounds!) came from the great depths of Odell Lake.

Fishing Regulations

The mackinaw limit is strictly held at Lake Odell. There’s a five-trout bag limit. Here’s the breakdown of what you can and can’t keep.

• Lake Trout: One trout at least 30 inches long per day
• Resident Bull Trout: Protected, must be released unharmed
• Kokanee: Up to 25, any size

Where to Fish

Lake trout will often be found off points or around underwater humps. They tend to congregate where kokanee are concentrated. In the early season, depths between 65 and 95 feet are best. Later in the season, you’ll find better luck at much deeper depths. Fish finders are helpful but not necessary. And if all else fails, you can always use a kokanee bait!

The Best of Fishing at Shelter Cove

Intimated by all the information listed above? Don’t worry, we all start somewhere. Our friendly and eager staff is more than happy to help with any questions you have on fishing locations, bait types, or even assist with boat launches! In fact, you can purchase a fishing or hunting license in our convenience store. We’ve proudly partnered with local fishing experts that provide guided tours for our guests for your ultimate suitability. Don’t hesitate, plan your perfect fishing trip on Odell Lake today.

Source: Atlas of Oregon Lakes, 2021


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