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With bald eagles circling above and schools of rainbow trout swimming below, Odell Lake lures in some of the country’s most awarded anglers. But you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the feeling of reeling in a big one. At Shelter Cove, we offer boat rentals and fishing guides so that novices and newbies can get a feel for the sport. And we have a boat launch, a marine gas station and a fish cleaning station so that experienced anglers can get the most out of their trips too. Our on-site convenience store is where you can pick up last-minute supplies every morning. And our Hook & Talon café is where you can find all kinds of anglers and Pacific Crest Trail hikers every night too. Here, fewer people bury themselves in their phones and more find themselves deep in conversation. And that might be because anytime you have a question about parking your RV or picking the best lure to land a few kokanees, you can get answers from a real person—rather than a search engine. With crisp mountain air, community campfires and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, Shelter Cove is where people from all over the country can count on connecting with nature—and each other while they’re at it.

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